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Reef Aquarium Aquascaping

April 14th, 2009 · 1 Comment


Out of all the difficult choices a reef aquarist has to endure when setting up a Reef Aquarium is deciding on what their aquarium will look like.  Reef aquarium aquascaping  is a pleasure to some and a pain to others, for me its a little bit of both.  I have changed the look of my aquarium several (dozen?) times over the last five years and endured the pleasure and pain of the aquascaping experience.

If I had to tell a new reef aquarium hobbyist how to plan and change there reef aquascaping I probably couldn’t, after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I could, however, give some pointers on what should be done to provide a safe living environment for the new owners livestock.

First, Consider your coral and fish’s water flow needs, so that you can get a better understanding on how your live rock placement will effect your reef tank’s water movement.  Live rock comes in all different shapes and sizes and if you are fortunate enough to live near a good fish store then you can usually hand pick the pieces that you want.  But before you do all the live rock picking, you should come up with a plan for your rock placement.  Live Rock should not be obtrusive in that it will block water movement but should be placed so that it will assist it, creating canyons, slopes, valleys and pillars will help assist this.  To assist holding your live rock in place it is recommended that you superglue, putty (aquarium safe) or drill in PVC or plastic dowels into your rock work.  While this is recommended by many reefers it is somewhat permanent and not necessary in most cases.

Keep in mind that certain corals have specific requirements that have to be met for the welfare of the coral, this usually include height and substrate placement.  Also if you are going to have corals with sweeping tentacles then its important that they can not reach other corals.  Always research your corals and make sure that they will fit your reef environment.

Here are a few examples of reef aquarium aquascaping.

Reef Aquarium Aquascaping 1

Reef Aquarium Aquascaping 2


Notice how on the above picture the rock work is not entirely laying on the sand.

Arcadia Stand

Bonzia Tree Aquascaping

Nano Reef

Reef Tank 2

Rock Canyon

The Valley

The above picture I like to refer to as the Valley, this is an actual hobbyists reef aquarium and not an imaged picture.

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  • 1 Dan // Apr 30, 2009 at 5:46 am

    Would like to know more about the owner of that “valley tank”(last pic”). That is a really nice aquascape.

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